You ride, my Lord?

Deze immer gehoorzame Bike Butler+ kwamen we tegen bij Vadolibero. Handig én heel erg mooi voor slechts 1.700 eurootjes. Niet geleverd met afgebeelde Passoni.

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Beschrijving op de site van Vadolibero:

Bike Butler+ is the luxury version of the smartest bike stand. the tube-shaped base in stainless steel let you move it around as you want, at home as in the office, to host not only the bike, but also all you need to ride it: from the helmet to the lights, from the locker to the gloves, from the scarf to the tools, from the raincoat to the earpiece. and this functionality, a first in the market, comes with a refined style that plays with precious materials and details. the dark hues of the matte wenge tinted oak wood are mirrored by the accessories made in precious tanned leather, hand-sewed: the mat, the pad on which you can prop the bike frame and the wheel strap.

Tools & gadgets

Bike Butler+ is the urban-chic version of the most efficient biker wall-pocket where you can stuff everything you need, thanks to an efficient drawer, a hidden inner space (for tools and rain accessories), a vertical space with a folding door and five stainless steel hooks to hang keys and sunglasses. on the tray, a cable hole let you conveniently recharge your devices, while the four solid oak wood poles are perfect to organise bags and jackets.


Multi-layered birch with wenge tinted oak wood veneer, matte stainless steel tube-shaped base; solid oak wood poles; tray, pad and wheel strap are in dark-brown tinted leather, hand-sewed.”

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  1. Mooi design! En voor het geld niet te missen, meteen 2 besteld, voor thuis en de caravan…. ; )

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