Test Scapin Eys

Het Britse Road.cc reed eind vorige maand met de Scapin Eys. IR zet alle highlights qua rij-eigenschappen uit die test voor je op een rijtje.

test Scapin Eys @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“It puts a smile on your face every time you pull it out of the shed/garage/bedroom before a ride. That smile only broadens the more you pedal it along the road, the way it handles with fluidity really leaves a lasting impression. It might not be the fastest, lightest and stiffest, it’s just a really nice bike to ride.

It whips along the road authoritatively, and while the wheels might suck some of the momentum on steeper inclines, it more than makes up for it on the descents. It’s on the downhills that road bikes can demonstrate their handling, the Eys does nothing but impress and flatter the rider in such situations. The ride is predictable, it feels a very safe bike to handle at high speeds.

It takes corners with good poise. It encourages you to carry just a bit more speed than you would normally do through the apex. The geometry gives the bike a settled stance at all speeds, from slow tight corners to high speed sweeping curves. That little extra weight only serves to give the Eys a planted feeling when the going gets frisky.

It’s really low at the front, typical for an Italian manufacturer with an eye on the past, compared to largely US manufacturers that have been lengthening head tubes over the past ten years. That’s the way I like my road bikes, the height does ensure a good aerodynamic position, ideal for anyone who intends to make rapid progress, whether for racing or sportives or regular long rides in the country.

It’s far from the smoothest-riding carbon bike though. The large diameter seat post transmits too much road buzz to the bum and the front end is noticeably stiff in some situations, it’s a bike that is definitely more at home on silky smooth roads. Like they probably have in Italy. On the flip side the stiffness ensures a very direct frame with good feedback, with a high level of communication. It certainly keeps you engaged.

The conclusion is that the Scapin Eys is a fast and competent handling bike that is as at home being ridden in a competitive environment as it is taking in the views on a lazy Sunday morning ride to your favourite coffee establishment. It’s an excitingly fast Italian road bike with excellent handling manners and impeccable style. It’s also fast and stable, ideal for beginners and experienced cyclists.”

(Tekst + beeld: David Arthur, Road.cc)

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