Test Pinarello Rokh

Het Britse Bike Radar reed onlangs met de Pinarello Rokh. Ik verzamelde alle quotes qua rij-eigenschappen uit die test voor je.

test Piinarello Rokh @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“The Rokh simply doesn’t ride like a heavy bike because factors like the asymmetric rear end work so well. This is a long-wheelbase sportive bike with a solid frame; accelerate hard and you can feel the rear tyre deforming, such is the immovability of the stays. That all makes it sound like it’s going to be a stiff, uncompromising ride, but thankfully this isn’t the case. Vibration from the rear is minimal; it’s not plush, but it is smooth.

The feeling from the front is pretty well matched, albeit perhaps a little firmer, though we suspect some of that is down to the slender aluminium bar and thin bar tape. The frame’s solidity creates a rewarding response when pressing hard, backed up with a front end that stays welded to the road.

Pinarello’s in-house brand Most provides its Wildcat wheels, which are perfectly good and stayed flex-free and quiet over bumpy terrain. The bike’s not in the same smooth-rolling league as Trek’s Domane but its clever ride combines a big slice of race bike flavour with just the right amount of endurance attributes added to the mix. A responsive and balanced bike with a smooth-rolling nature”.

(Foto: Bike Radar)

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