Test Wilier Cento1AIR

Het Britse Road Cycling UK reed met de Wilier Cento1AIR. Ik verzamelde zoals gebruikelijk weer alle highlights qua rij-eigenschappen uit die test.

test Wilier Cento1AIR @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“Swing a leg over the Wilier Cento1AIR and it’s obvious from almost the first pedal stroke that little of the stiffness of the Cento1SR has been lost by reshaping the frame’s tube profiles – it’s an incredible rigid ride. The huge downtube/BB junction, which houses an FSA BB386 EVO bottom bracket, goes some way to explaining that. That rigidity, however, means the frame transmits a significant amount of road buzz through to the rider.

While the Cento1AIR does not trouble the UCI’s weight limit in this build – and aero bikes often sacrifice super-low weight for, well, aerodynamics – our build felt sprightly on our three initial test rides, and quick to respond to pressure on the pedals. We’re looking forward to seeing how it performs up hill, where the frame’s design is, perhaps, less at home, and with a lighter wheelset in place.

Handling is as you’d expect – light, fast and responsive. It can sometimes take a little while to adjust to a new machine’s manners when switching from test bike to test bike but the Cento1AIR has been well behaved thus far.

We took our machine for a blast around London’s Richmond Park, where it set a new record for a hot lap. An indication of the Cento1AIR’s aero capabilities? Maybe, but there are too many external factors to consider – weather, wind, traffic and fitness – for this to be considered a remotely scientific test.

That ride took place at dusk and we struggled to fit a rear light to the Cento1AIR’s heavily aero-profiled seatpost and instead attached a Knog Boomer Wearable to the rear pockets of a jersey. The seatpost also won’t accept a saddlebag with a traditional velcro attachment. However, to flag both issues up as flaws is to probably miss the Cento1AIR’s raison d’être.

Which is? First impressions suggest the Wilier Cento1AIR is a machine to be ridden fast. The design certainly points to that and our experience to date backs that up. We’ve only logged approximately 100 miles on our test machine and it needs to prove itself over long days in the saddle and on more varied – and challenging – terrain. We’ll let you know how we get on.”

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