Test Dedacciai Ran

Het Britse Bike Radar plaatste een test met de Dedacciai Ran op haar website. IR zet de highlights qua rij-eigenschappen daaruit voor je op een rijtje.

test Dedacciai Ran @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“Dedacciai have bucked the trend for epic bottom bracket, head tube and chainstay dimensions. They claim to have increased structural integrity and reduced frame weight through their ‘Anti-Wrinkle Process’, which prevents internal creases in the carbon layers and minimises the quantity of resin used. The result is a feathery lightness and beautifully refined and supple ride.

Over badly patched and crumbling surfaces, the Ran just floats with luxurious amounts of comfort. The cantilevered upper seat tube design no doubt helps, as do the Campag wheels, Vittoria tyres and the 27.2mm carbon seatpost, but the overall effect is undoubtedly impressive.

While carefully tuned vertical rigidity helps the rider, we did feel that lateral rigidity was slightly compromised when pushing hard. Unless you’re a stem-munching racer, it’s probably not a major concern, but big-gear sprinting and on-the-limit cornering aren’t the Ran’s forte.

Record EPS is gloriously indulgent – and both mechanically and ergonomically satisfying – and the Shamal Ultra wheels shod in Vittoria Open Corsa tyres have a fine combination of stability and all-round response, with tenacious grip and excellent comfort. The Ran favours riding with finesse rather than abuse; work with it and you reap the rewards.”

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