Test Basso Diamante

Test Basso Diamante | Het Australische Cycling Tips publiceerde onlangs een review van deze fiets. Dit zijn de highlights qua rij-eigenschappen daaruit.

test Basso Diamante @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“The Diamante is a sensational bike to ride, offering near-perfect handling. Perhaps it’s the stout head tube, clever layering of top-shelf carbon fibre, or an Italian knack for steering, but this bike is the most stable bike that I’ve ever ridden. However, it also turns beautifully and is incredibly responsive. Up until now, I’ve only experienced one or the other in a bike, and had presumed an uneasy compromise was the best I could ever hope for.

The quality of Diamante’s handling deserves more than just one paragraph. I need a better word than “stable” for a bike that is completely unperturbed by speed. Indeed, this bike has a need for speed. Riding no-handed at 40km/hr failed to uncover any instability, and taking a hand off the bars at 70km/hr also failed to unsettle the front end.

I’ve never had any trouble finding the limit of a bike while descending but that never happened on the Diamante. No wobbles, no shimmies, never a vague moment, the Diamante stayed on-task for the whole time and I ran out of hill without challenging the ability of this bike.

The Diamante has plenty more to offer than just great steering. The bottom bracket and chain stays are as efficient as those of the Scott Foil, delivering impressive power transfer, but with none of the road buzz or potential discomfort of the Foil.

I found myself looking for excuses to jump out of the saddle to revel in the ability of this bike to accelerate. The Diamante never tires, is always willing for one more effort, and may be the most enthusiastic training buddy you could ever hope for.”

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