Test Colnago C59 Disc

Het Britse Bike Radar plaatste een Colnago C59 Disc test op haar website. IR zet de highlights qua rij-eigenschappen daaruit voor je op een rijtje.

Test Colnago C59 Disc @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“The standard C59 prioritises power delivery over compliance, and the Disc version is distinctly unyielding. Not to the point of being harsh or uncomfortable, but it’s no magic carpet.

On the other hand, it’s also ridiculously fast, accelerating with a vigour that belies its welterweight build. It’s fair to say that accelerating is the thing the C59 Disc does best.

Oh, and going around corners – it’s pretty special at that too. ‘Agile’ is an overused word in bike tests, but there isn’t really a better one for the C59 Disc. It’ll dodge and dart with the best of them, but it sweeps and arcs beautifully too. There are no weaknesses at all in the handling and, if anything, that extra bit of chassis stiffness only increases your confidence in it.

And stopping? With tiny calipers and 140mm rotors at both ends, the C59’s brakes were never going to deliver eyeball-popping power, and they don’t. What they do deliver is feel and consistency – braking in the wet is largely the same as braking in the dry, except that you’re likely to run out of tyre grip earlier.

Concerns about braking on carbon rims go away completely, and you get excellent feedback through the levers, making it easy to modulate your braking to keep them just off locking for maximum deceleration.

Concerns have been raised about heat dissipation on road disc brakes, what with much higher speeds compared to mountain bikes. We didn’t experience any issues in testing, although we didn’t get a chance to try it down any mountain descents.

Sustained braking is going to put a lot of heat into the brakes, which on a carbon frame doesn’t really have anywhere to go except the pads and fluid. You’d be well advised not to drag the brakes, but to use short bursts of hard braking on long descents and let the stoppers cool between corners.”

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2 reacties op “Test Colnago C59 Disc

  1. Nou met Campagnolo afmonteren (zoals gesuggereerd in het oorspronkelijke artikel) en het wordt nog mooier! Over 10 jaar remmen we allemaal met discs.

  2. UCI legal or not, the smart design decision is disc brakes. Having a rim serve to support the tire and associated air pressure as well as braking forces and the wear and heat that gets generated is bad engineering because you have to compromise. Disc brakes allow for optimized brake performance under all conditions and weight reduction at the rim (lower rotational mass). 29er alloy rims such as the Stan’s Crest are already only 380 grams and Innolite makes carbon units at less than 250 grams.

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