Test Bianchi Infinito CV

Het Britse Bike Radar reed een tijdje geleden met de nieuwe Bianchi Infinito met Counterveil technologie – dat deze fiets betere dempingseigenschappen geeft – over enkele kasseienstroken uit Parijs-Roubaix. Dit zijn de highlights qua rij-eigenschappen uit die test.

test Bianchi Infinito CV @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“Over the pavé, the Bianchi Infinito CV was easy to keep on the crown of the road, and the usual feeling of hands chattering on handlebars was absent. This made maintaining control, braking, changing gear and, helpfully, seeing the road ahead, far easier.

Yes, we still had to grip firmly, and it’s no magic carpet ride, but as time and the cobbled sectors wore on, we were increasingly surprised. Our speed waned in the brutally rough pavé of the Carrefour de l’Arbre sector. Our bottle rattled out, but everything else remained resolutely on track.

The most interesting stretch of road was a few kilometres of graded tarmac, where the top layer had been milled away for resurfacing. On any normal carbon road bike we’d expect a high level of road buzz that would be felt through the hands, seat and feet, but the Infinito CV was in its element here.

And even though we could certainly feel the texture of the road, it didn’t upset the ride. We felt that portion of the route to be most representative of real world riding, and the best example of the CV material in action.

After almost three hours and plenty of cobblestones, we ended the ride without any aches and pains from numbed fingers or seat, and still felt relatively fresh.”

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