Test Dedacciai Nerissimo 2013

Het Britse Bikeradar.com reed met de 2013 Dedacciai Nerissimo Veloce. Ik heb de rij-eigenschappen uit die test voor je op een rijtje gezet.

test Dedacciai Nerissimo 2013 @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

“to get the best from the Dedacciai you’ll want to ride it at full gas, but this Italian thoroughbred will surprise you with just how smooth and, dare we say it, comfortable it is.

Stamping down on the pedals while snapping through the quick, smooth Veloce gears, the Nerrisimo accelerates faster than its middling weight would suggest. The wheels aren’t the lightest around but they are among the best built and have the smoothest hubs of any sub-£350 set; the bearing quality is class, pure and simple.

On the flat, pushing hard over broken-surfaced roads, the Nerrisimo is as good as any comfort-oriented bike. Get it into the climbs and you’re only hampered by the heavier wheels as the 50/34, 12-25T gearing is low enough for pretty much any ascent.

Once you’ve crested a hill the Nerrisimo comes into its own; the solid and secure front end and broad, stiff fork make the bike a wonderful descender. Pinpoint accuracy through bends makes you confident to go on the attack.”

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