Test Legend HT 7.5

Het Britse Road.cc reed met de Legend HT 7.5. Ik zet de passages m.b.t. de rij-eigenschappen uit die test voor je op een rijtje.

test Legend HT 7.5 @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

(Foto: Road.cc)

“As befits an Italian made frame, we had a full Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed groupset to play with. Needless to say, the gears performed brilliant, using an 11-speed block give a gloriously smooth transition right across the range with no large steps from any sprocket to the next. Shifting gears gives you much more feedback, both audible and tactile, than either Shimano or SRAM, but the thumb shifter takes some getting used to.

How does the Legend ride? In a word, superbly. I’ve ridden a few very top-end carbon frames in my time and without doubt the Legend meets all the same criteria that allows me to slide it in amongst such company. It’s easily one of the five best carbon frames I’ve ever ridden.

What most awed me about my time on the Legend was how beautifully it managed to combine an effortless pace with sublime comfort. Some of the roads on my regular loops are potted and scarred with potholes and rough surfaces, but the Legend just appeared to be able to mop up all the vibrations and effectively cancel them out before they reached the contact points.

And when you want to get a bit of lickety split on and give it the beans, it responds with an engaging eagerness. It’s stiffness under power and lightweight made short work of climbs. Yes, it’s one of the best and most rapid climbing bikes I’ve ridden in a very long time. Dump a load of watts through the pedals on a tight and twisty course and the stiffness in the frame is there to be felt, and it has the handling to support your desire to wring its neck.

Descents are often the best way to asses a frame, and on such roads the HT 7.5 has a stiffness along its length that many frames just don’t posses. This means it tracks with incredible accuracy and authority.

Yet every time I stepped off the Legend after a ride, it was the class-leading ride comfort that most impressed me. If the HT 7.5 is this good, how good would the range-topping 10.5 ride I wonder? I can only begin to imagine…”

(Tekst: David Arthur)

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