Test Passoni Top Force W

Het Britse Road.cc reed onlangs met deze Titanium machine. Ik zet de rij-eigenschappen uit die test voor je op een rijtje.

Test Passoni Top Force W @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

(Foto: Road.cc)

“My first ride on the Top Force was a bit disappointing, I just couldn’t seem to gel with it. It felt skittish and unsettled by poor road surface and I think an underlying nervousness of binning it on a wet corner. Attempt two was much more successful though – I went for it regardless of the consequences and as they say, a moment of clarity- the Top Force needs to be ridden hard – it is a race bike after all.

The pedals need to be stamped on, corners taken with full commitment, hard on the brakes, all while shifting your weight around like a MotoGP rider on a flying lap – it seems to settle the bike down. With this new found courage the remainder of the test miles were completed with a manic grin on my face as I pushed harder and harder to find the Passoni’s limits, thankfully without ever finding them.

Whether it’s the material, the oversized headset or a mixture of the two, the front end is tight with the bike going exactly where you point it. The Columbus fork doesn’t seemed bothered by how much load you put through it either with regards to braking forces or direction changes.

The same goes for the rear end. The machined BB shell shows no sign of flex and the short chainstays mean the rear follows the front end millimetre perfect. Acceleration either from a standing start or on the move just sees the bike surge forward with no scrabbling about of the rear tyre, as the rear triangle holds everything true.

The Top Force does still have that titanium feeling but it is muted through the stiffness. It doesn’t absorb the bumps and vibrations as well as say the Van Nick Aquilo but it isn’t by any means uncomfortable. Having a decent length of titanium seatpost sticking out of the frame helps bring a bit more shock absorbency at the rear.

Weighing in at 16.3lb (7.4kg), climbing is a pleasurable experience but once again the Passoni prefers an attacking style as opposed to sitting in the saddle and spinning your way to the top. The stiffness is beneficial again if you hit a short sharp incline, honking the bars side to side also helped by the fact that the 53-39 Dura Ace crankset is one of the stiffest on the market.

With the handling traits I’ve already mentioned descending is always going to be a joy although once again you’ve got to show the Passoni who’s controlling who. Be firm and the speed it changes direction is amazing – small changes in body position will direct it around potholes or gravels even at high speed.

It may sound a cliché but once you are in the saddle you do become part of the bike, the Top Force responding instantly to tiny changes in body position, speed and direction. I found the harder it was ridden the easier actually riding it became.”

(Tekst: Stuart Kerton)

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