Test: Bianchi Sempre Pro Veloce

Het Britse Bike Radar plaatste onlangs een Bianchi Sempre test online. IR zet de belangrijkste passages qua rij-eigenschappen voor je op een rijtje. 

Bianchi Sempre test @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

(Beeld: Bike Radar)

Bianchi Sempre test

“The frame improvements have created a bike that’s very taught up front; the handling is direct and instant – turn into a high speed corner and the Sempre is absolutely planted. You can point and shoot and smash through successive apexes on a hairpin descent with ease. The control has a snap to it that’ll make mincemeat of weaving your way through and past the competition in the heat of battle too.

There’s a real sense of rigidity running through the whole frame. The fork resists chatter and flex and makes for a great match to the Sempre’s smooth-running rear. The seatstays are remarkably slim line and designed to flex. It works too, making the Sempre have a great dual nature; it’s stiff and responsive yet smooth over broken surfaces.

The Sempre Pro combines Campag’s solid performing 10-speed Veloce with an aluminium FSA Gossamer chainset. The drivetrain won’t impress anyone on value for money, but it’s performance that counts and the Veloce’s snappy shifting and smoothness ticks all the right boxes. The shift speed is consistently quick and positive.

Bianchi have created a bike we’d be happy to use on the longest of rides. It’s also a bike we’d be more than happy to compete on, especially if the wheels were upgraded to something a little lighter.”

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