Foto’s: atelier Tommasini

Kwam een tijdje geleden deze foto’s, gemaakt in het atelier van Irio Tommasini in Grosseto tegen op het web.

Atelier Tommasini @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

Het atelier van Irio Tommasini


“When I started, the biggest problem was that in Grosetto there were no people who could work to give me a hand – I needed more people to increase production. I had to do it all myself, work the day and the night, weld and do everything. But I succeeded.

At that time there were so many of us. The framebuilders back then were all really good, but with my bikes… Moser raced, and Freddy Maertens, and Cipollini. Marked or unmarked, those bikes were Tommasini, and that’s a really beautiful satisfaction. And I am still here today.” – Irio Tommasini

(Tekst: Colin O’Brien Foto’s: Paolo Ciaberta, Rouleur)

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