Review: Olympia Speedy Plus

Het Britse Bike Radar plaatste onlangs een test met de Olympia Speedy Plus op haar website. Hieronder de rij-eigenschappen uit die test.

Olympia Speedy Plus @ Italiaanse Racefietsen

Olympia Speedy Plus (foto: Bike Radar)

“The stable steering and a very planted feel on the road immediately reminded our test team of the classic Italian character of brands like Colnago and Pinarello.”

“The low, long position creates a sense of commitment and confidence that translates just as well to twisty English country lanes as to the northern Italian Alps around Olympia’s base.”

“There’s no twitch or flutter from the front end, just a locked down feel that’s all about lean angles, dropped shoulders and pointed knees rather than sitting up and grabbing the brakes.”

“It’s equally keen on keeping momentum too, with a reasonably firm feel through the pedals thanks to the extensively shaped frame tubes.”

“Back the pressure off slightly and there’s a smooth roll-on sensation from the naturally lower, more aero riding position; it’s a bike that feels like it wants to race rather than just look at the view.”

“While the wheels spin up to speed quickly, a frame weight close to 2kg means getting it there or up a climb definitely takes more effort than on a lighter bike. It also limits the upgrade value of the chassis.”

“The firm ride feel starts to get tiring on longer rides. Your shoulders and back certainly come in for more hammer over the long haul, again making it more suited to hard and fast riders than comfort-seeking cruisers.”

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