Test: Bianchi Impulso

Kwam nog een test van de Bianchi Impulso tegen op de site van  het Britse Road.cc. Hieronder enkele rij-impressies daaruit.

Bianchi Impulso 2012 op Italiaanse Racefietsen

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“The position is certainly lower than many sportive-oriented bikes that I’ve ridden while not quite as low as the Sempre or the Oltre.”

“The Impulso showed itself to be admirably well mannered.”

“This is a bike that goes where you tell it without any fuss. Steering is pleasingly neutral and of the point and shoot variety.”

“It’s a bike that is not going to be bounced of its line easily by a crappy road surface, sudden pothole, or sunken drain cover.”

“The big-boned bottom bracket provides a stable pedalling platform that, combined with the chainstays featuring Bianchi Active Technology gets your power to the back wheel quickly with the minimum of lag between input and response.”

“If you are in the market to spend some money on a big mile performance machine it would definitely be worth a test ride.”

Voor meer foto’s en de volledige test kun je terecht op de site van Road.cc (met onderaan op die pagina ook nog een korte impressie van de Oltre).

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